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February 26 - March 8

The annual Read-A-Thon is the PTCO's largest fundraising event of the year. Our goal is to promote literacy and a love for reading while also raising funds for Stevens Elementary. The PTCO will use 100% of all donations to fund a range of school educational objectives. Last year, our students read over 22,000 minutes and raised over $12,000!


How does it work?

  • Students register through 99Pledges (our tracking tool)

  • Students collect flat donations or donations based on minutes read

  • Students read books and log the minutes they read

  • Prizes are awarded based on participation, minutes read, and money raised

  • There are fun theme days and events throughout the Read-A-Thon

  • Don't have a student but want to support us? Donate directly by clicking the button below!

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Read-A-Thon Details


  • The Read-A-Thon will be managed through the online fundraising site 99Pledges.

  • Register via the button above.

  • Make sure to select your teacher/class when registering.

  • If a family member or friend who is not a student would like to participate, please select the "Non-Student" group.

  • Non-Student participants are not eligible for prizes or events.

  • Upon registration, student families will be emailed a link to their individual fundraising pages on 99Pledges.


  • Students can collect flat donation amounts or donations based on minutes read.

  • Donations can be made by credit/debit card or Paypal and are tax-deductible.

  • Fun activities will be held throughout the event to encourage students to participate.

  • The PTCO will manage all online platform activity. 


  • Free Popsicle for everyone who registers and logs at least 1 minute!

  • 2 - Kindle Fire tablets for the top 2 students across the entire school by minutes read

  • 2 - $100 gift cards for the teachers of the classes with the most minutes read (one gift card for upper and one for lower grades)

  • 4 - $25 Amazon gift card prizes based on minutes read and money raised across 3rd - 5th grades

  • 15 - Miscellaneous Toys/Prizes based on minutes read and money raised across Pre K - 2nd grades


  • Fun Activity with the Science Teacher - For the class with the most minutes read by end of day on TBD

  • Fun Event with the Principal - For the class with the most minutes read and the class with the most funds raised by end of the Read-A-Thon (two classes total)

  • Theme Days

    • Monday, February 26 - Books Knock Our Socks Off (Wear Crazy Socks)

    • Wednesday, February 28 - Reading a Book is Better with a Buddy (Bring Favorite Stuffy to School)

    • Friday, March 1 - Cozy Up and Read a Good Book (Wear Comfy Pajamas)

    • Tuesday, March 5 - Reading Gives Us Superpowers (Wear Your Favorite Superhero T-shirt)

    • Thursday, March 7 - Hats Off to Reading  (Wear Your Favorite Hat)

Logging Reading 

  • Students will log minutes on their 99Pledges page 

  • Students must enter minutes by the last day of the event 

What Counts?

  • Practicing letters, sight words, and vocabulary words

  • Reading before and after school

  • Being read to by other people

  • Reading aloud to a pet or toy

  • Reading aloud to other people

  • It counts for both students if you read to someone participating in the Read-A-Thon!

What Does Not Count?

  • Reading before the official start of Read-A-Thon

  • Reading that occurs as a part of class

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