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The Stevens Elementary Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO) is planning a community project to rebuild the playspace at Stevens Elementary in Oak Forest.  The primary goal of this project is to provide a safe, shaded and engaging outdoor space where our students and other community members can enjoy the multitude of benefits that outdoor physical play can promote including physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development.  



Many of the students that attend Stevens also live in multi-family residential apartment complexes that do no have ample outdoor space for kids to run and play outside the elementary school campus.  The Stevens PTCO envisions that our playground will become not just a space for recreation; but a vital arena for the physical, social, and cognitive development of our children. Unfortunately, due to age and wear, our current playground no longer meets the safety standards or the developmental needs of our students. 


We have held a community survey to gain insight from parents whose children regularly use the current play scape. Based on the incredible response, we aim to:

  1. Enhance Safety: Replace outdated and damaged equipment with modern, shaded safe structures that meet current safety standards, ensuring a fun and safe environment for play.

  2. Promote Physical Activity: Provide opportunities for physical exercise and active play, contributing to the overall health and well-being of our students.

  3. Foster Social Interaction: Design spaces that encourage cooperative play and interaction among children of diverse backgrounds, fostering social skills and empathy.

  4. Support Cognitive Development: Integrate elements that stimulate imaginative and creative play, which are crucial for cognitive growth and problem-solving skills.

  5. Engage the Community: Involve parents, local businesses, and community members in the planning and construction phases to foster a sense of ownership and pride in the project.

  6. Ensure Accessibility: Create an inclusive environment that is accessible to children of all abilities, promoting equity and inclusivity within our school community.

Our  community fundraising campaign will cover the costs for installation, safety surfacing, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance of the new park. We will leverage partnerships with our current family and community donors, local businesses and seek in-kind donations to stretch our budget further.  Our timeline is to commence construction in June 2025, ensuring minimal disruption to the academic calendar.


We are excited about the transformative potential of this project and are committed to working collaboratively to make our vision a reality. With your support, we can ensure that every child in the community has access to a playground that inspires growth, joy, and learning.

Thank you for considering us for your donation!

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